Industrial Engineering

Main goal of Industrial Engineering is, to educate engineers being able to work in all kind of industrial areas; having knowledge, ability and experience to compete internationally; applying the most efficient production methods and having abilities to develop these methods.

Industrial Engineers having graduated from Pîrî Reis University have all the proficiencies provided as the same as other Turkish universities, and in addition to this, these engineers have also knowledge about Maritime and Naval Architecture industries.

The students being aimed to be educated as project basis have knowledge and ability both in national and international level, and also have opportunity to use their social and cultural accumulation.


The educational plan is designed for our students to understand deeply the branches of engineering, to use the interactive tools in an efficient manner for their analyses and works cooperatively with other vocational disciplines. The important outputs of the program are, to have a good writing and oral communication skills, to be able to make rapid and efficient decisions and to work cooperatively.

As in common, the academic program is consisted of the basic engineering disciplines, and also operational search, ergonomics, work study, probability, statistics, making multiple decisions, management of human resources, quality and other similar lectures.

Industrial Engineering graduate program aims to the students with regard to the principles of our Engineering Faculty,

  • To provide all vocational abilities and all social concepts,
  • To provide team work, writing and communication skills, problem solving by gathering all their engineering knowledge and lifelong lasting education,
  • To provide effective and creative workings in addition to modern theoretical and practical developments
  • To provide all their knowledge and skills effectively with the help of computers and interactive tools,
  • To use all their writing and oral skills and modern production tools
  • To promote the undergraduate students to graduate workings and academic researches

To sum up, Industrial Engineering program is developed for our students to have a good foreign language, a high level engineering knowledge and skills, a near cooperation with industry by the help of the projects given in lectures, ERASMUS student exchange program opportunities and internships from their freshman year.


Or in a more compact manner, “All industrial areas are our classrooms”.