Qualified professionals, who are able to analyze rapidly changing management problems that arise due to the developments in socio-economic factors and information technologies, and who can develop permanent solutions to these problems with a multidisciplinary point of view, are needed all over the world, as well as in our country. The main objective of Piri Reis University Ph.D. program in Business Administration is to make pioneering research in the field of business by empowering students the notion of philosophy of science and researching, thus to spread new information to business managers, institutions of business education and non-profit public and civil organizations.

 Piri Reis University Ph.D. program in Business Administration offers students the opportunity to shape their education in accordance with their own academic backgrounds and personal desires. The program takes theoretical and cognitive support of many academicians and approaches to business related topics with a holistic approach point of view.



The mission of the program is to educate managers and academicians who are able to;

  • Develop new strategic approaches to business practices,
  • Approach business problems creatively and holistically, and suggest solutions,
  • Contribute to the process of being an information society by continuously following the technological, social or cultural progresses within the academic and professional context,
  • Perform all the processes of scientific research methods competently,
  • Develop knowledge on environment, social responsibility, social justice, quality and cultural values.



To become one of the most preferred Ph.D. programs in Business Administration in Turkey by providing education in World standards and to contribute to the development of our country's business and academic progress.



Students who successfully complete the program are entitled to receive the "PRU Institute of Social Sciences Diploma of Ph.D. in Business Administration".



This program provides education at the doctoral level.



  • Graduate degree
    • Students enrolled in graduate programs without thesis or graduated before 6.2.2013 may apply for the program.
    • The graduate grade must be minimum 3,00 out of 4, or the equivalent.
  • Minimum score of 65 for master's degree applicants and 75 for bachelor's degree applicants from ALES (Postgraduate Entrance Exam).
  • Certificate of English Proficiency
    • Minimum score of YDS: 65 or the equivalent English Proficiency Tests accepted by the Higher Education Council
  • To be successful in the interview and written science examination.
  • In the selection of candidates, the weights will be:
    • % 50 of ALES score,
    • % 10 of Graduate GPA,
    • % 40 of interview and written science examination score.


The degree requirements and rules have been defined in Piri Reis University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations.

Students who successfully complete all courses of the program in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation; those who have a non-FF letter, fulfill the minimum credit required by the program, have GPA over 3 and successfully defend their thesis can be qualified for a diploma.



Students enrolled in a doctoral program at another university can take courses from or enroll in PRU doctorate program by providing undergraduate, graduate and doctorate transcripts and reference letters received from the previous faculty members, and will be referred to PRU Institute of Social Sciences.

If students are accepted to the Ph.D. program and exempted from the courses, the transfer of grades and credits will be determined by the decision of the Institute. Exempted courses can not exceed 50% of courses given in PRU Ph.D. program.



Today, institutions attach importance to strong cognitive constructs to examine the relationship between organizational structures. In this regard, Piri Reis University Ph.D. program in Business Administration focuses on the characteristics of competitive strategy and business environment required to cope with the problems of global economy.

 The Ph.D. students will take courses especially in the following areas:

• Leadership and strategic management,

• The organizational behavior of individuals and the roles of teams and networks within the organization,

• Organizational theories and basic organizational functions,

• Problems and management of maritime businesses,

• Management of global supply chains and the international logistics system,

• Economics and finance

• Production, service systems and operational strategies

• Entrepreneurship

• Marketing

• Statistical analysis and applications, decision support systems